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Inbound Marketing Infographic - From Start to Finish


I was in my twenties when computers computers with tiny memories became a reality. Pencil, paper and calculators were the tools of the day. "Inbound marketing" as a term had not been invented. You may find the mind shift difficult if you are accustomed to using fliers, business cards, paying for advertising and interrupting people to get their attention. I get how the mind shift can be difficult to accept. This infographic will help.

This inbound marketing infographic shows how the process works from start to finish.  It is a high level overview and your inbound marketing strategy needs more than a five minute review of an infographic.  This inbound marketing infographic will act as a map and help you understand where your online marketing plan fails.

The Inbound Marketing Process Infographic

Inbound marketing has many moving parts and while automation is helpful, you will find the plan that includes an emphasis on personalization will be more effective.

Think deeper:

When you think "build a following", having a inspirational vision that people easily understand has a tendency to grow exponentially.  

The existence of a blog will not attract visits. If you are able to meet the needs and wants of others while keeping the content optimized for search engines, you can have an advantage.

Landing pages are a place for people to say yes as you reach out and share your special free offers.  A website with no landing pages (or product pages) is like a library or encyclopedia.  If your website is designed for ecommerce, you will inspire visitors to not leave a stranger.

The checklist:

This inbound marketing infographic is a perfect tool to hold yourself accountable, ask questions and be a checklist for your activities.  If you are heavily invested in one aspect and not another on the infographic, your inbound marketing plan will most likely fail. 

If you have questions, need to make a plan, want to turn-around inbound marketing failures... contact me here >

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