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How to Use Google Fonts

Using Google Fonts is simple enough once you get the hang of it.  The new font options by Google certainly makes things much easier and removes another barrier for those who avoid "coding". (Though you will have to copy and paste a a couple lines of code.)

Here is a video from profgustin on Youtube which shows the basics of using Google Fonts for your website:

In essence, you visit and choose your font.

Copy and paste html just below the header in the html source editor.

Copy and paste the CSS code into the CSS file.

One added step was needed inside my Hubspot system.  I went into the settings and added the font to the H1 and H2 input field. 

Presto.  Here is the font I chose:

There are hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web.


Since we know that "Software, knowledge and enthusiasm is not a replacement for good judgment", we will need to talk to a few experts to know if the choice becomes a barrier or if it will produce results.

Are you addicted to fonts?  

You can sign up for the Google Fonts Blog where they show you how to make the web beautiful. 

Why does this become important User experience has become a top priority. What was once satisfactory is now considered marginal.  What people thought as "cute" is now avoided and discarded.  What you believe is amazing may make people yawn.

User experience is becoming a more important as the search engines attempt to read the minds of those visiting your website.

Raise the bar... Pick a font, make it beautiful.

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