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How to Study by Working Smarter - Not Harder [infographic]


Never stop learning. It is one of the essential needs of people as shared in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you are not familiar, the four needs are: Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy. 

To learn more and improve your skills, it is not a matter of working harder... it is about working smarter. It is tempting to cram, study on weekends and optimize caffeine. This is harmful and ineffective.

Here are a few bits of information you might find helpful when trying to conquer new topics:

  • The brain finds it difficult to process any new information after 90 minutes of studying. 30 minutes of block study is much more effective.
  • A short nap can often refresh and recharge the brain. The recommended time for a good nap is between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • Three in every five college students stay up to study all night at some point, but this practice is linked with lower grades.

If you are working a job where a constant learning curve keeps you working overtime, or in school preparing for your masters degree, consider the tips in the infographic below. 


Click infographic for larger image

This may not be your favorite tip since the infographic says brocolli is good for concentration and memory. 

If you are in college trying to survive, these tips will be helpful. You should know however, the studying continues. Pay close attention to how you learn. It never stops and is a key element for success. 

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