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How to Rank Better on Youtube - 12 Ranking Factors


Here is a video about how to rank better on YouTube. Each month YouTube receives over 800 million unique visitors who watch more than 3 billion hours of video, traffic we can't afford to ignore. So how do you get videos to rank for competitive terms on YouTube? By paying close attention to these 12 important ranking factors.

Jeff McRitchie from, talks about how to get your videos to rank better on YouTube and specifically YouTube ranking factors. He's going to cover 12 specific YouTube ranking factors in 2 different categories.

The downside is that if you work hard to push your traffic directly to Youtube, you must also have a plan to take advantage of a call to action.  Do not assume the link to your website below your video on Youtube will become the best way to drive traffic to your site.

Youtube is powerful but it is important to remember that it is even more important to convert the viewers and inspire them to take action with a click, subscribe and share.

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