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How to Make People Listen

"Nobody is listening to me," is the cry of an unsuccessful leader.  There are many variations to this theme:  "If only they would listen to me, we could start to get things done."  "It's not my fault... nobody is listening."  These are expressed in stomping, clenched teeth, whining out loud and abrupt grunts. 

If American Idol has taught us anything, it has reminded us that if you don't sing well or sing the right tune, you will not be picked.  They won't listen.

Maybe if you or a leader on your team is being ignored or not listened to, it is probably time to turn it around with "Green Light" mindset

What is this new concept?  What is Green Light and how can it make people listen to you?


In Marilyn Schoeman's new book:

GO!  How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make Good Things Happen - Discover the power of Green Light®, the new universal Language of Possibility.

Marilyn offers you an answer for why people are resisting or not cooperating.  It may not be quite what you think.  If you are going to make good things happen, you begin to use language in such a way that opens doors instead of closing them. 

Marilyn shares a few thoughts why she believes Green Light thinking offers so much opportunity:

Green Light sets a new precedent.  It's a game changer.  It creates an opportunity for a fresh start, no matter what.  It identifies what's Red and what's Green.  It communicates that Red is undesirable - and declares Green the overall goal.  Absent this framework, it is likely assumed that Red Light, though unpleasant and counterproductive, is tolerated, thereby acceptable.  Once Green Light is known, Red Light behaviors lose their immunity - and those exhibiting Red lose their impunity as well.  Simultaneously they gain an incentive - and an empowering tool - to go in a different direction.  


The brain LOVES Green Light!  It's a mental massage.  It loves novelty and newness.  Many medical personnel and researchers verify the lifelong need for the new and the unusual to stimulate brain function and maintain a healthy brain.  Each situation, whether to shift from a Red to a Green or from slightly Green to brightly Green, has new elements in it. This fresh challenge intrigues the brain - a stimulus generating a response.

When we face a situation that we now recognize - and categorize - as Red, we know we want to apply Green Light thinking to it.  (i.e. when people are disagreeing or ignoring you.)  This does more than help make good things happen. In the process, we are actually training our brain to do just that.

The more we use the Green skills, the more our brain learns to use Green naturally, as a default mode. This replaces the usual natural Red response/default.  Each time we ask ourselves, "What's a Green thing to do here?" we engage the brain and build that neural network.  Each Green thought, word, question and action strengthens it.

Red, then, is a stimulus, and our brain becomes trained to begin producing a Green response. Green Light is a conscious choice - a key difference from Pavlov's dogs salivating at a signal.  The choice is made in a specific situation - and supported by a commitment to strengthen one's Green skills, to live Greenly.

About the Author: 

Marilyn Schoeman is a dynamic speaker, an author, and a creativity consultant. Her system for instant innovative thinking, BOFF-O(Brain On Fast Forward), is a tool/card deck/game for on-the-spot breakthroughs.  BOFF-O(Brain On Fast Forward) led GE to a mindset-shifting solution for a major challenge in minutes.)

Marilyn promotes the development of human potential by enhancing people's creativity and fostering empowering skills and attitudes.

Green Light Goal:  Create the greatest good, for the most people, in the best way, for the longest time.


They may not be listening because you need to sing better or choose a different tune.  If you are unable to attend one of Marilyn's special events, you will want to buy her book.   She will show you how to think "Green Light" and use a language in a way that inspires others to respond with enthusiasm.                         

Buy the book on Amazon here.

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