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How to be an Entrepreneur [video]


How does the mind of an entrepreneur work?  Are you an entrepreneur?  It could be that you are even though you punch a clock and get a paycheck.  The best resource for telling you how to be an entrepreneur are other entrepreneurs and they may say:

checkDon't sit on the beach and enjoy the sun.  Sit on the beach and think about who you can sell the sand to.  Families with kids who need their sandboxes filled would be a good start.

checkDon't stand in line of five hundred people waiting in line wondering when your turn will come.  Consider the opportunity of meeting the needs of those five hundred people who want to read, drink, eat or find other means to limit boredom.

checkDon't chatter with your friends on social media for hours about nothing.  Use that expertise and time to offer businesses a shout-out (for a fee) to the thousands of people who might be listening to your every word.

checkDon't listen to the news and complain about how the rain will be ruining the day for visitors at the Tulip Festival.  Buy umbrellas at wholesale and sell them to those who want to see the flowers rain or shine.

checkDon't watch the evolution of electric cars happen without taking notes and offering services for those who will have batteries run out or maps which show the where the charging stations are.

What is the difference between you and the entrepreneur?  Epipheo will tell you in this short video:

Based on your skills and talents, you have something special to offer.  You may be an entrepreneur even though you punch a clock and collect a paycheck from your boss.  An entrepreneur is who you are, how you think and ingrained into your core. 

If you are a technician or a manager, that is great!  Just don't try to be something you are not.  Understanding how and where you are best is the first clue as to how you will create success.

You can own a business whether you are a technician, manager or entrepreneur.  Be sure to have yourself and those on your team in a position that allows them to thrive... and not just survive.

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