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Caveman Marketing - How to be Smarter Than a Neanderthal Man

When people ask “why are you successful” the response should be “isn’t it obvious?” 


True story:

What did the first caveman who discovered fire do?

He went back to his cave and told his cavewoman “Cavewoman, cook me some food!”

What happened next?

Cavepeople ran to his cave and asked “what smells so good?”

The news of fire spread and cavepeople wanted more cooked food. How to make more fire was taught around the globe.

…not because of a generous caveman, but from a cavewoman who knew who to cook and make the food smell awesome.  

It was the first place to have a "fire sale" and they opened the first restaurant.

To those who were interested, the benefits were obvious. (Cavepeople vegetarians didn't care so much.)  

The challenge: "Are you smarter than a caveman?" If you are not smarter than a caveman and need a little support (or just an idea) contact me. We will "cook something up". 

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