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Save the World from Email

emailYou are drowning in email and the many hours spent on email are generating more work for you, your friends and your colleagues.  You can reverse this spiral only by mutual agreement.

To this end, an Email Charter has been created...

Epipheo asks in this video, "Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?" 

If you want less email coming to your inbox, here are the ten best tips on

  1. Respect Recipients' Time
  2. Short or Slow is not Rude
  3. Celebrate Clarity
  4. Quash Open-Ended Questions
  5. Slash Surplus cc's
  6. Tighten the Thread
  7. Attack Attachments
  8. Give these Gifts: EOM NNTR
  9. Cut Contentless Responses
  10. Disconnect!

 #8 is an interesting solution.  By putting the answer directly into the subject line with an "EOM" (End Of Message), the email begins and ends with the subject line. 

It seems very difficult to not say "Thanks" or "Confirmed" when someone sends an email.  It appears the rules differ between the virtual world and the offline (dirt) world.

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