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The Center of Your Plan

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The social media websites want to be the hub of everyone's life and business.  The software geniuses create platforms which will be easier to use, faster to set up and of course a bit more fun.  The goal for them is to be a utility company which of course creates "automatic income."

Above you will see a mindmap which shows a strategy for how to think about taking a business online.  This was made with TheBrain.  This mindmap shows one primary website at the core with all others as either roads or doors to the hub.

At the hub is where conversion happens.  Conversions occur when the visitor is willing to give an introduction with an email or make a payment.

Inbound marketing is about getting found, converting and then analyzing the results to adjust.

If a business owner has five different hubs, the benefits are divided into several places vs. one which can make it very cumbersome to make an impact or analyze.

Let's say you have five residences and meet a person on the street and say to them:  "Come to my home."  How soon will it take until they give up or ask "which one?"

Here are the reasons to focus on one hub:

  • Links.  Links create authority.  Give people a very clear choice about where to link to.
  • Referrals.  There is one mention and limited space.  Give people a clear and focused message which they can repeat.
  • Time:  To have a system which builds authority for five different websites will take time and money you may not have.

It's a bit like having five girl friends.  All of them demand attention and all appreciate being treated like queens.  It can be done with time and money but most entrepreneurs operate on lean and mean budgets with "go" as the primary goal.

Links, Referrals and Time Restrictions are only a few of the reasons to focus effort on a central hub.

Another challenge to using social media tools as a primary online hub:  Are you of the belief that the social media websites will remain consistent in their structure as well as how they monetize to make a profit?  Television was once free.  (Probably before your time.)  Even today, television is morphing.

Each of us has 30 seconds to make an invitation.  More than one choice is too many.

It is essential for an entrepreneur to harness a tool which allows them to pop in and out by creating fast personalized landing pages.  I vote for 1and1 for domain names, Hostgator and Hubspot. 

What is your tool or platform?  Can you depend on it?  How long until you harness the software? 

Create your own free mind map to organize and plan your online future.  TheBrain is free.

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