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B2B Websites Holiday Traffic Comparison


The slideshow below reviews the last 36 months from random websites to consider B2B website traffic trends.  Consider these as you answer "Does it matter?" or "Let's take it easy, no one cares".


The charts show 36 months of history. Some websites will only show what is available.

These charts are from B2B websites, and each company have a different level of engagement along with a unique marketing strategy.

All of the websites from this random selection use HubSpot. The reports are from the “Sources” tool inside the all-in-one marketing system.

Here is the PowerPoint slideshow for your review:

A few thoughts to ponder:

“Let’s take two months off” or “No one cares” would not be accurate and the easy way out of doing work. 

Those who are interested, searching and researching are very special and stand out. Serve them well. 

Compare results year to year vs month to month as a measure of success.  

Content creation today is available for search and sharing in future months and does consider holidays as a factor.

Inbound marketing is not direct marketing. Each seed planted, each document, infographic, video or blog is a potential tool for new contacts in the coming year. More creativity, content and connection is important.  Relevance is key.  

Stay relentless:  Be relevant, create content & connect.
                               ◦Or relax, wait and hope to get lucky.

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