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A list of America's 'worst' charities

A friend ran across this article on the 50 worst charities and I am compelled to share it with you.

Collectively these charities collected around $1.5 Billion and only $429 Million of it actually went to the charities themselves. That is only around 28.6% of donations going to the charities.

Some of those listed spent almost 95% on Fundraising leaving a paltry 5% for the actual charity.


The other thing that these charities have in common is that they have very altruistic sounding names ie:  Children's Cancer Fund of America, Firefighters  Burn Fund, American Foundation for Disabled Children, American Breast Cancer Foundation as well as many others purporting to support causes like Police, Firefighters, Children, Diabetes, Cancer, Leukemia, Veterans, Deaf & Blind etc.

Click here for: America's Worst Charities

This should serve as a warning not to donate to charities just because they sound like a good cause. This is especially true for phone solicitations.

If they are trying to tug on your heart strings it should raise a red flag. I always tell them that I don't respond to phone solicitations for charitable donations but they may send me materials to look at. They always decline.

Instead of "buyer beware", the warning is "donater beware".

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