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How do I find links to my site?


hubspot link grader for michaelhartzell Here are resources to help you find links to your site.  No links to your website reduces the chance of being found.  Experts agree that links to a site has a direct impact on SEO.  Each link to your website is another door leading to your website.  Those businesses with more links have more authority in the eyes of search engines.  Each link is a "vote" saying:  "Your website is a place to be."

The graphic to the above right is from inside Hubspot software which has a link grader tool built in. 

Can't find links to your site from the other businesses? How do you find links to your site?  If you do not have Hubspot software which has a built in Link Grader tool, here are other tools you can use to track links to your website:

Linkscape provides never-before-accessed link data on over 54+ billion URLs across 230+ million domains.



semrush was designed by the developers of SeoDigger and SeoQuake to satisfy your needs in advanced SEM and keywords research. They analyze 40 million keywords for 20 million domains. 21 000 users registered.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

Majestic-SEO is the worlds largest backlinks and anchor text database. Our proprietary robots have crawled over 137 billion webpages and found over 1,137 billion unique links and their anchor text.

This information is available in detailed reports, where links and anchor text are shown in order of importance, based on their backlinks. Each website's backlinks can all be downloaded as '.CSV' file.


Backlink Checker

Find backlinks linking to a website and their URL information.

Submit Express Link Popularity Check Tool

 submit express

How popular is your website? This tool will show you how many other sites are linking to you. Most search engines use this data to calculate how popular your website is.


Backlink Watch


Backlink Watch

Type the URL of your website to get complete detailed information about quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website. It will show you "anchor" text, pagerank, total outbound links on that page, and nofollow flag for each of your inbound link available.


Hubspot Website Grader

A free tool that will analyze and score your website for SEO in a variety of ways.  (The grader does not give you the specific list of links however.)


widexl links



Widexl designed this search engine optimization tool for to check link popularity from websites. The Link Popularity analysis script will search Google, AltaVista, MSN, HotBot, Lycos to determine how many pages are linking to your web page. Many search engines today are ranking web sites by the number of sites linking to them. Link Popularity analysis is also important for a high keyword search engines page ranking and PageRank. Take a link popularity analysis and check your link popularity against that from your competitors.

online utility
Utilities for Online Operating System

Backlink Checker

This free tool analyzes up to 1000 inlinks (backlinks, inbound links) to arbitrary page (or website) and shows domains of backlinks. It shows separately different classes of URLs like .edu, .mil, .com, .net, .gov and other. It is similar to host and IP backlinks checker, but it might be a bit faster and doesn't do IP address analysis of backlinks.

101 Ways to Build Link Popularity from SEOBook

SEO Book Link info

SEOBook offers expert SEO and internet marketing advice, tools, books, and software.

link popularity

Get a free email each month to report who links to your website from Google, MSN and Yahoo.


To see the inbound links of a page in Bing, use this command:

Or, use this command to see the links of a page, except the links from other pages on the same site:


You can perform a Google search using the link: operator to find a sampling of links to any site. For instance, [] will list web pages that have links pointing to the Google home page. Note there can be no space between the "link:" and the web page URL.

Discover your links via Google.

To see a much larger sampling of links to any verified site in Webmaster Tools:

  1. On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want.
  2. Under Your site on the web, click Links to your site.

Note: Not all links to your site may be listed. This is normal.

Note about link data:

Unfortunately this is not like balancing a checkbook for business.  Each tool will recognize a different number of links.  Yahoo seems to be a popular tool for measuring.  If you choose three different tools and check each month, you should be able to show progress.

 Who links to me by Region? is a very handy tool to narrow down the geography.


How many other websites are linking to your site?  If you are not yet a Hubspot customer, you may need to use one of the free tools available for knowing how to find links to your website.


If you are interested in a free Hubspot trial, click here:


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You are a great source for so many important searches for our own websites. Linking is an abstract for us visually minded people. I appied for a lot from Link Directory but I can't really tell if they have done a thing.I only chose the ones with a grade or that were in my field. So now I am confused byt he lilnks HS shows me daily. Is that just a real time reveal of who has been there that day?
Posted @ Saturday, July 10, 2010 9:48 AM by Louise Rogers
New links within the Hubspot Link grader shows new links. Link Grader also provides a graph for your link history as well. 
HS link monitoring does not update every moment with every link. If someone follows a link, that seems to improve the chance for detection. 
In all thinks with measurements, there seems to be a variable with every tool.  
It seems that the rule of thumb; The easier it is to get or create a link, the lower the grade. the newer or lower the authority the linked from site shows, the lower the grade. as to relevance, it may have an impact but I will tell you: Don't pay attention. 
Think of people first. Where can you put up a sing, a flier, a door hanger, a business card that someone might see? Will they be interested and respond? 
The issue with links and grading is if you are "shooting for a score", you will have an uphill battle. The reason is that non-authority sites will link to you. This is a compliment and a good thing. If you look at your link grade score though the lower grade links "pull your score down". 
It should be used for informational purposes and help you understand more about who appreciates your site but only attracting a specific type of bee to your flower and trying and shooing the other bees aware that you don't like is not helpful. 
Measure your link improvement about once a month. If you make the best on the planet and share it with people, they will link to you automatically because of love. (link love of course) 
Posted @ Saturday, July 10, 2010 6:36 PM by Michael Hartzell
No luck for me as well Herman. Not sure what's up.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 17, 2011 6:23 PM by Michael Hartzell
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