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HowTo Outlook Free Software: OutlookTools

When your business is too dependent on Outlook and it fails to launch or is no longer accessible, you will want to keep this handy in your toolkit.  Use HowTo Outlook.  HowTo Outlook has the free tools, advice and free software tools to help unravel the Microsoft Outlook puzzles. 

howto outlook

This website and service is more than just about the free software to help with Outlook.  This webiste gives step by step instructions for how to troubleshoot your Outlook software.  Recommended books, add-ins and downloads are included.

If you rely on Microsoft Outlook, do not wait until your system has broken down and is no longer available before you reference HowTo Outlook.

Also, be sure to have an automated back up system in place where your Outlook folders can be found should a corrupt file become an issue.  If you store your PST files in Dropbox, it automatically creates a mirror file for you and should Outlook suddenly become inaccessable, you have the peace of mind to know all is well.

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