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FoldTester - Where is Above the Fold on Your Website?

Foldtester is a free online software tool which shows you where the folds will happen for your website page.  What does the viewer see?  Do you have a call to action in the upper third above the fold?

Where IS the fold on your website?  Mobile will continue to impact the marketplace and PC tablets users will be focused on the screen in front of them and not be prone to scrolling.  Above the fold of a website page is more important than ever and studies have proven the importance of the upper third of the website.

To have a quick view of a website, gets it done.

This site can help answer the questions about where your site's content will show up for different percentages of the world's internet browsers.



A primary reason for considering this is:  Conversion.  Conversion is one of the key focus areas of inbound marketing.

Conversion is where website visitors will take action and voluntarily share information.  It could happen as a phone call, a purchase, a form, etc.

Hiding the button, limiting the location of your contact information limits the opportunity for potential buyers to take action.

What is the action you would like them to take?  Does the upper third of your website (above the fold) provide the opportunity for the to take action?

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