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Free Survey Software for Business from LimeSurvey

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For the business owner who is on a budget there are plenty of options for free survey software.  LimeSurvey is powerful as a business survey software program.
To cut a very long story short: LimeSurvey has a lot of features.

LimeSurvey basically contains everything you need for doing nearly every survey with grace.

LimeSurvey currently offers:

  • Unlimited number of surveys at the same time
  • Unlimited number of questions in a survey (only limited by your database)
  • Unlimited number of participants to a survey
  • Multi-Lingual Surveys
  • User-Management
  • 20 different question types with more to come
  • Quotas Management
  • Integration of pictures and movies into a survey
  • Creation of a printable survey version
  • Conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (Skip Logic / Branching)
  • Re-usable editable answer sets
  • Ready-made importable questions
  • Assessment surveys
  • Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey
  • Open and closed group of participant surveys
  • Optional public registration for surveys
  • Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email
  • Option for participants to buffer answers to continue survey at a later time
  • Cookie or session based surveys
  • Template editor for creating your own page layout
  • Extended and user-friendly administration interface
  • Back-office data entry possibility
  • Survey expiry dates for automation
  • Enhanced import and export functions to text, CSV, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML and MS Excel format
  • Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility
  • Screen Reader Accessiblity
  • W3C compliance

Stop listening to people want to take money away from your business.  Start listening to those who are willing to order products or services from your business.  LimeWire is a robust free survey software program you may be able to use to read your customers minds.  Just kidding of course.

Other free survey software programs:

What NOT to do:

  • Put a poll or survey on your business website where there is low traffic.
  • Keep the results from those participating.
  • Have mulitple surveys going at one time.
  • Ask dumb questions. (time is precious)
  • Consider the survey answers as complete truth and fact.
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