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ZOHO Free Software for Personal & Low Cost for Business

Since ZOHO is so unique with what it provides, I couldn't resist putting ZOHO on the free software for business list even though it is not free for business.  It is free for personal use and low cost for non-profit organizaitons and business. 


free software zoho

  • Free for personal use. Business/Corporate users may be charged.
  • Every Service Will have a free edition for individuals.
  • There is a discount for non-profit organization
What is the main advantage of using Zoho?
Zoho is bringing together a wide range of online applications making it easier for individuals and businesses to manage all their work while dramatically reducing the cost. But being more productive and saving money is just the beginning of using Zoho. As we continue to integrate the various Zoho services and innovate new ways of getting things done, we hope that you will find working online not only more rewarding, more collaborative, but more enjoyable. You can read some of our blog posts to learn more about some of the advantages of working online. Here are a couple of sample posts: "Offline vs. Online". and "Business at the Margins". a post by Zoho's founder and CEO.
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