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What do you do when the phone rings and your caller ID tells you it's an 800 number?  I hope your first inclination is NOT to pick up.  There is a website where you you can find out who’s behind those 800 numbers.


It is free.  The online search system offers a way for many to help each other learn about who is calling and if they are a scam or legit.

The best thing to do when you get an unknown number is NOT to call back. You could be falling for a pricey scheme if you do.

You may decide to block the calls if they continue. 

Android users have a number of apps available in the Play Store that can block calls.  Call Filter is definitely the most popular option, and it's completely free.  DroidBlock will also do the trick of Call Filter doesn't.

Success with call-blocking apps tends to vary and they're not always 100% effective. If you want to avoid apps you may have another option built into Android. Some Android phones can send calls directly to voicemail, which you can enable by editing the contact information containing the number you want to block.

There are a few other such resources you can check out.  See also and call complaints

This should keep you from wasting your valuable time and getting conned. 

Best of luck.

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