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Everything Jeff Bezos Knows About Business Success [video]

jeff bezos business success

Started in his home, Jeff Bezos started a business and began to reach for his dream. In the video below he will tell his story about how it all began, what it takes to be successful and why Amazon bought Zappos.  This is as much a message to the new Zappos team as it is for you.  

If you are unfamiliar with Jeff Bezos, he is not from corporate America with white suit and tie.  He has his own unique style of communicating and if you met him on the street, you may not realize it.  

What Jeff Bezos knows:

1)  Obsess over customers.  

2)  Don't accept either/or thinking.  Invent.

3)  Think long term.  

4)  It's always Day One!  

Start with #1.  Where does your calendar take you each day?  What is the ratio of the day spent on either listening to, engaging, serving, producing or delivering to customers relative to listening to marketing hype, "experts" or inspecting competition?

Awareness of the marketplace is important but I am hoping you will become customer obsessed and enjoy the rewards of being excellent. 

How do you define "Customer Obsession"? 

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