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6 Simple Steps to Success - Janice Dugas

A Doctor's Prescription To Success in 6 simple steps  -  by Janice Dugas

Doctor’s Prescription To Success in 6 Simple StepsDon't you find it exciting to receive a book by the mail ?
Each time I open the package to take the book in my hands for the first time, I have the impression I am greeting a friend.

So, it's with great pleasure that I will introduce my newest friend.

He has 93 colorful pages housed in a gorgeous hardback cover and contains breathtaking photographs by Bruce Heinemann,

Steve Terrill and Ken Jenkins.

Written by Earl Nightingale, he bears the following title:

The Strangest Secret....-How To Live The Life You Desire.

Back in 1964, this book earned the 1st Gold Record for the spoken word,
and is still very popular.

Like I always do with a new book, I open it at random.  Guess what ?

I landed on a page which topic is about realizing success, and since we all
strive to attain such in a way or another, I cannot resist to share the ingredients of this
particular recipe with you all.

Read on...

" An outstanding medical doctor once pointed out six steps that will help
you realize success:

1.    Set yourself a definite goal.
2.   Quit running yourself down.
3.   Stop thinking of all the reasons why you cannot be successful, and instead,
think of all the reasons why you can.
4.   Trace your attitudes back through your childhood, and try to discover where
you first got the idea you couldn't be successful, if that's the way you've
been thinking.
5.   Change the image you have of yourself by writing out a description of the
person you would like to be.
6. Act the part of the successful person you have decided to become!

The doctor who wrote those words is the noted West Coast psychiatrist, Dr David
Harold Fink. "

What are you waiting for ?  Alter your live by altering your attitude of mind !

Grab your copy of The Strangest Secret which contains the most powerful message you've ever heard. It's life changing...

To your success,

Janice Dugas
Enthusiastic Photographer
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