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Link Building Anatomy to Attract More [infographic]

Effective link building is no longer based on technical tasks which can be easily assigned.  In fact, to refer to it as "link building" is not the best way to express marketing plan activities. The infographic below has rephrased it to be "link baiting".

Link building has a history of physically adding links to external websites such as article sites, blogs, forums, etc.  The options to "drop a link" are going away as software evolves and webmasters limit the options for commenting.  Many times 3rd party tools such as Facebook or Disqus have become a method to limit web spam which comes by way fo automated link tools.

To re-adjust your thinking you will instead think of "what will it take to be so helpful/relevant/amazing that people will be compelled to share, share and link to the website"... or "How to create link bait".  Wikipedia is my favorite example.  For all of it's "plainness", Wikipedia remains an authority people link to as a reference in content online.  To be better than Wikipedia is a great way to attract visitors and links. 

Here is an infographic from TechWyse which visually outlines opportunities to gain authority online:

Link Building Anatomy 2012
Source:  TechWyse Internet Marketing

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