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5 Ways to Use Humor in Your Content Marketing Strategies


When you decide that it is time to switch up your content marketing campaign, adding some humor can be a smart strategic move. If you think about it, most of the memorable content has a humorous element. The reason for this is that humor has a positive effect on memory.

Creating and distributing content that will make people laugh is a perfect attention-grabbing strategy that can differentiate you from other brands in the industry. If you are curious about why and how to incorporate humor in your content marketing, just keep reading. You’ll learn about the most popular forms of digital humor and how to choose the right one for your business.

Why is humor so effective?

It may seem impossible at first that humor can play such a big role in increasing sales and improving your marketing campaign, but it can.

Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising researched this topic and polled more than 29,000 respondents in 58 countries. Their results showed that humorous advertising content resonated most with the consumers.


Source: Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising

Besides having an impact on people’s memory, humor also affects their feelings. It is a feeling that brings out positive energy in people; therefore, they connect it with a good experience.

Humor humanizes the brand and gives people the sense that there is more to your business than just a desire to sell.

If you want to make a lasting impression on your audience, consider the following five ways to incorporate humor in your content marketing strategy.

1. GIFS and memes

Whether you are scrolling through your news feed, receiving an email, or going through some company’s website, coming across a funny meme or GIF can instantly put a smile on your face.

The same will happen to your customers.

This is a simple but effective way to add a dash of humor in any content. Just slip in a corresponding GIF or a meme. For example, you can add it in a follow-up email, so you don’t seem pushy. 


Check out to create your own meme.

Meme and GIF content are perfect for digitally savvy audience, especially Millennials. It is always beneficial if you can connect with them on the same level.  

2. Add your own special twist

In the sea of generic content, people are always thirsty for something original. Don’t be scared to play with words and create your own unique, funny slogan.

Be imaginative; for example, come up with a story that will humorously introduce your brand. However, make sure that it doesn’t reflect your brand negatively, especially when it comes to your main services and core values. 

3. Trending topic

When a certain situation is in the spotlight, most people navigate towards any information that they can find about it.

It’s quite common that marketers use current topics to attract the attention of the audience. It is a simple and effective trick.

Let’s create a completely hypothetical situation. A company which sells boats conned their customers and took their money without delivering the product. You can use that story and add a humorous touch by posting an Instagram picture that says,

When you give us the money, you actually get the product. How shocking! #theboatcompany.”

This is just an example, but the point is that you can use all the fuss in your favor. 

4. Differences and stereotypes

This type of humor is only for the brave ones. You have to be very delicate if you want to point out and play with stereotypes and differences in your content. However, if you manage to use just the right dose, it can do wonders.

Also, pay attention to the target market. While people in the US are used to this type of comedy, Europeans are more sensitive to it.

Levy’s is one of the brands that used this type of content to popularize their product back in the ‘70s.


Judy Protas, the writer of their slogan, explained, “We had a local bread, real Jewish bread that was sold widely in Brooklyn to Jewish people,” she told The New York Times in 1979. “What we wanted to do was enlarge its public acceptance. Since New York is so mixed ethnically, we decided to spread the good word that way.”

5. Safe humor

In case your type of business doesn’t allow you to experiment too much, you can always resort to good old-fashioned familiar humor.

This means that you can use popular jokes, one-liners, or corny “dad-jokes.” It is suitable for everyone, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Adapt it to the content distribution channel you want to use, whether it is a blog, tweet, or email, and joke ahead!


Over to you

Hopefully, these five ways have given you some useful ideas on how to use humor to attract the audience and improve your content marketing strategy.

Keep in mind each of these tips need to be adapted to your brand, so take your pick wisely.

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