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Small Business Success Tip Includes The Personal Brain

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Is the business plan complete?  TheBrain helps you to create a plan and focus on the Five Essentials to Business Success.  (Note:  The PersonalBrain is now TheBrain)

The Five Essentials to Business Success can be found via Google with a few clicks. The essentials are simple and can be evaluated quickly. A visual mind map such as TheBrain empowers you to brainstorm visually on your computer. 

Once you have the explicit knowledge of the five essentials to business success and put them in the “important quadrant” as referred to in the book by Stephen Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, remember these four words: “It is not enough”.

  • If you can think of an idea, there is a good chance someone else already has. Add two twists and think bigger.
  • If you have added software and technology to your business, chances are someone else already has done so and is ahead of you. Add more to your business arsenal, then stay ahead.
  • If you are training a new leader to drive your business forward instead of the business dragging the leader, you are probably too late. Go faster.
  • If you say, “I want to be on the fast track and not remain in the rat race”, take a look at your calendar. Your calendar will tell you the real story.

To be unbelievable and gain a reputation which others will share, you will need to think bigger, do more, go for volume, and act beyond your typical comfort zone.  TheBrain is adaptable to your needs as you go bigger with your ideas and plan.

Five Finger Test for Success:

How much time is designated on the calendar for:

  1. Unique Personal Invitations
  2. Developing a leader to be in front of the business
  3. Adapting technology to the business 
  4. Listening carefully to clients and customers to develop the next “unbelievable” product or service
    • Creating or producing new products or services which keep them scratching their heads
  5. Training and motivating the team to be better tomorrow

The calendar is proof of priorities.

This may be why experienced leaders ask their team for calendars in advance.  Looking at the calendar of a business manager or leader whose calendar does not indicate a focus on the future is like looking at a crystal ball; you can see potential failure.  An entrepreneur whose calendar is full of maintenance activities is also ill fated.  An empty crystal ball is an indication of an unknown future. To create a calendar in advance is an indication of priorities and focus.

(The next challenge is to follow the calendar as planned.)

If you are an entrepreneur who is unable to capture success, or you have those on your team who have talent but few results, then look at the calendar.

  • Those who have calendars full with meetings, forms, calculations, bookkeeping, programming, TV, chit-chatting, etc. rarely achieve sustainable business success.
  • Those who have calendars full of teaching, inspiring, developing people, marketing with unique personal invitations, new technology and developing unbelievable products or services are the ones to watch.

Which calendar? What tool? With dozens of options to create success with a calendar, there is no tool quite like **TheBrain.

With a calendar built into a mind mapping system which also doubles as a presentation tool and in reality is a very powerful visual information database management system, **TheBrain is a tool I can’t get through the day without. To share a project is as simple as zipping the “brain” and sending the file to another for review.

Since this software tool can be used with Outlook, Gmail, Zoho mail or as a standalone calendar, its flexibility allows each person to use it according to their own specific needs.

This company not only provides free software, they provide outstanding training and support which will keep users from getting stuck. When you begin to think about your priorities, you note that thought in TheBrain. As you become a bit confused, **TheBrain remembers where, when, what and even why if you make a note of it. The calendar sends reminders and integrates with your strategy.

While most turn to a tool such as Google Calendar or any of the big names which have calendars built in, my preference for web-based calendars is www.zoho.com. The Zoho Calendar will integrate with Outlook, I can use the **TheBrain and most importantly, they provide forums and support for their software services.

If you are about to apply the Five Essentials to Business Success and build your own crystal ball by using a calendar, add new technology: **TheBrain and www.zoho.com. Adding these free tools will keep you ahead of your competition, as they rely on the standard tools.

The takeaways:

  • Your plan is not enough.  Think bigger, faster, and outside the comfort zone.
  • The calendar is the crystal ball and designs the future vs. allowing yourself to become a victim of the future.
  • To plan, communicate and execute, use the best tools, such as **TheBrain and www.zoho.com.

Download your free copy of TheBrain here.


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