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The Best Free SEO Tools for your Business Success

best seo for business success

The Best Free SEO Tools for your business success:


Hubspot Grader
Grader.com from Hubspot will give you an overview, a score along with suggestions on how to improve.  The advantage with Hubspot is that this company is on the cutting edge and ties the latest trends into the software.   Highly recommended.
SEObook Rank Checker
This Firefox extension allows you to check your search engine rankings in seconds.  Just enter your website URL, the keywords, and find out your positions for Google, Yahoo, and MSN. 

SEO for Firefox
SEO for Firefox shows relevant data about the best ranked websites for a given keyword.  Once you understand why your competition is ranking so well, you can copy their strategy.
Keyword research is a must and this simple free tool is very helpful.
SEObook Toolbar
SEObook Toolbar from Aaron Wall shows you useful information such as PageRank, incoming links, and traffic data.

Keyword Difficulty Tool
This tool allows you to check how difficult it will be to rank for a certain keyword.

Page Analyzer
This tool allows you to check several vital metrics at once.
SEMRush.com was designed by the developers of SeoDigger and SeoQuake for Google organic and AdWords keywords research.

Keyword Density Analyzer
Keyword Density Analyzer is another Keyword Density Analyzer tool.
Visual PageRank Tool
Visual PageRank Tool shows you the PageRank of all the pages on your website.

Backlink Checker
One of the most powerful free backlink tools available.

Keyword Competition Check Tool
Enter the keyword you want to rank for and you can see an analysis of your top 10 competitors.

Robots.txt Generator
Use this tool to control what pages you want the search engines to index from your website.
Spy on competitors and download competitors keywords and adwords.
Useful service that allows you to check and avoid duplicate content.
Discover who is hosting any website. Get information about the web host, IP address, name servers & more. WhoIsHostingThis.com is a free tool that allows anyone to see who hosts a particular website. One of the most common uses is in the course of an copyright infringement investigation and DMCA takedown. Understand the copyright and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act with a quick download of the dmca pdf here and copyright pdf here.
Having your keywords in the URL of your website is very important. This cool application suggests available domains based on the keywords you want to rank for.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool

A great way to analyze your pages and improve them for the search engines.
Majestic SEO
Free competitive link intelligence for your website vs. competitors.
Search Engine Spider Simulator
This tool shows you a website just like the search engines see it.

Backlink Builder
Very useful backlink tool. Enter a keyword and it returns a list of websites where you can list your own site and get valuable backlinks.

Backlink Summary
See who is linking to your competitors and ask them for links, too.

Google Keyword Tool
Hands down, the best free keyword tool available.  Find related keywords and find out the search volume of several keywords at once.

SEOmoz SEO Tools
Probably the best collection of SEO tools in the market. Some of them are paid but most are free.
Keyword Competitor
* Get all organic and PPC keywords your competitors are targeting      * See the ads and landing pages your competitors are using              * Monitor every move your competitor makes WHEN IT HAPPENS
That should do it.  You don't need them all.  Depending on your resources, skill and will, pick your three favorite.  Don't get so caught up that you forget to create amazing content.
updated 4-8-2015
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