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How Handwriting Can Make You Smarter and More Productive


It turns out that if you want your child to learn to speak better, you don't want to sit them in front of a TV to watch Sesame Street or other educational TV shows. I have verified this to be true after spending many hours interviewing a Speech Language Pathologist. She remains emphatic that parents can do harm by using Sesame Street as a long term babysitter and she often hears these parents ask "Why doesn't my child know how to talk?"

There is some logic that says 'get smarter by watching' but in reality... we improve our skills and knowledge by doing. 

Writing vs typing - which helps you get smarter?  If you are a highly skilled typist, you can almost do two things at once. Your fingers have memorized the keyboard and they fly on their own, even when having a conversation.

When you sit down with a pencil (or pen) and paper and begin to turn your thoughts into new concepts to conquer the world or change the community, your brain works differently.

To make the case that "You get smarter by handwriting", consider the points in this infographic:


Those who are 'connected' with devices and high tech may look down on someone who grabs a 3x5 index card and a pen to communicate, follow-up on a new idea or begin to collaborate. After reviewing this infographic, that should no longer be the case. I am hoping there will be a paper-pen revolution where people 'just say no' to devices and technology 

Instead of looking down on those who prefer handwriting, give them more appreciation and respect. Writing is powerful.

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