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Own a Successful Business: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

success comfort zoneWhile trying to build a successful business, we work all week and get our personal chores done during whatever downtime is available.  Yet, all the while, we spend much of our mental energy figuring out how we can carve out a few precious hours of comfort.

Comfort can be a double-edged sword.  If we languish there too long, we can grow complacent.  Being content with our lot may be the key to inner peace, but too much comfort can stymie creativity.

If we stop thinking creatively, we lose our edge, we become satisfied with what is and forget that all good things stem from imagining what is yet to be.  The five essentials to business success:  “Good enough today is not good enough tomorrow” serves as a constant reminder to be diligent about moving forward.

All successful entrepreneurs will tell you: “Comfort is the enemy of innovation”. Innovation is what has separated their businesses from "business as usual."  If you want to own and operate a successful business yourself, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Take the First Step

Is it scary?  Absolutely.  Will you lose money or time?  Maybe.

So how do you take the first step?

You need to create the inner motivation that allows you to overcome your natural fear of stepping into the unknown.

Reorganize your thought patterns.  Thoughts of failure are the main reason that many don't create successful institutions and enterprises that actually make living on the earth more satisfying and profitable. Get your mind right and devise a plan to keep your finances in balance.

While acknowledging that things can go wrong, begin to imagine your future the way you want and expect it to be.  All great athletes will tell you that visualizing the goal is the first step to attaining it.

Take Action

Picture yourself as head of your successful business even when things are difficult.  Doing so actually creates new patterns in the brain that help move you out of your comfort zone.

Before success becomes a reality, you must first believe that success is attainable. Thoughts and behaviors that seemed only to exist in others actually begin to take shape within your own mind and spirit.

Once you have moved beyond your fears, you need to take action.

As the German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goeth once said:


Action, itself, is a great fear destroyer. Once you start moving in the direction of your goals, you will have no time to think about why you shouldn't have taken the path you're already on.  Your old comfort zone will begin to recede in the rearview mirror, and success will draw itself to you just as you continue to do the things that you need to do to move you closer to it.

About the Author:  Al Krulick writes and blogs for Debt.org, a financial help website.

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