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Richard Gabel

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"Ultimate Resource for Inbound Marketing Campaigns"

richard-gabel.jpgMichael is the ultimate resource for inbound marketing campaigns. His knowledge of both online and offline promotional techniques is unparalleled. I recommend Michael's services to anyone needing help drawing the market to their website.

Michael Hartzell is the most giving person I have met. He is driven by an insatiable appetite to help others. To sit down with him is to be blessed by the presence of a man that will apply all of his knowledge and experience in an effort to help you be successful.

"Michael is a quick study of new businesses and has an uncommon insight into how to identify and motivate potential customers and clients. He can identify cost effective solutions to market access and looks for grand results, not grandiose campaigns. I have observed Michael develop strategies that fit the market and the personality of the entrepreneur forming an optimal path to success. He approaches business strategy and management with a balance of business fundamentals and leveraging the value of online tools and media."

 Richard Gabel - Owner, Meadow Creek Business Center

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