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"Another Fantastic Workshop"

Michael you have done it again, another fantastic workshop. The energy was so high last night everyone must have been...

Michael you have done it again, another fantastic workshop. The energy was so high last night everyone must have been up til all hours of the night unable to sleep.

Thanks for all the info, ideas, support. 

- Diane Kern

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"Trustworthy, authentic, and all about integrity"

sue-oliver.jpg... Talk about a huge heart, big vision. Talk about a huge heart, big vision, and talented expert!  Michael is authentic, REAL, and engenders trust right away - SO critical in this day and age. I'm looking forward to how we will collaborate going forward.

Two BIG thumbs up! Michael is SO easy to work with. He really understood me and my business, listened to my needs and goals, and was so client- and partner-driven. Why? Because he really listens and really cares. He also held me accountable for moving forward and doing what I said I was going to do.

Finally, Michael is trustworthy, authentic, and all about integrity. What you see is what you get with Michael, and he doesn't pull any punches. He's the kind of partner that you can trust implicitly. I highly recommend him for any engagement, business project, partnership, or other venture.

Sue Oliver, Founder and Catalyst - Powerleaps LLC

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"Information was invaluable to me"

"How many things do you do in one day that you would like to do quicker and more efficiently?  Michael Hartzell's Push Button Tech Tools is PRICELESS! I have been involved in many webinars and the knowledge I gleaned from Push Button Tech Tools is unmatched. Michael's time and information have been invaluable to me and it would serve everyone well to utilize this service.”

Marcia Ridgeway, Chief Operating Officer, WinCourage llc 

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"Another great inbound marketing workshop"

david-hovrud.jpgAnother great Inbound Marketing Workshop. I'm picking up a lot of ideas and info that I can incorporate into our web site. Thanks for sharing your time.

David Hovrud

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"Workshops a must for those that are new to internet marketing"

Andrey-Rozmaity.jpg"Michael, you're a funny guy! Thank you for hosting events/workshops. They are a must for those that are new to internet marketing. Mmmm the snacks were delicious! :D "

- Andrey Rozmaity

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"Productive, Informative and Entertaining Internet Workshop"

miles.jpgMichael led a very productive, informative and entertaining Internet workshop. I arrived with an open notebook and left with several pages of information about Google, landing pages and numerous web tools.

Michael's extensive experience in business allow him to wrap the web tools and techniques that he teaches with his considerable business experience, resulting in real world credibility and value for anyone in business. When you have an opportunity to hear Michael speak, do not miss out.

Miles Austin - The Web Tools Guy

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"Thanks for such an informative session"

"Wow! Thanks for such an informative session - I'm definitely glad I went! It's such a fresh breeze to meet someone with so much energy and enthusiasm, that's not just talking about themselves. You're the best!"

- Ashley Brockett

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"Michael eats, sleeps, and breathes marketing"

jim-dickeson.jpgMichael,  Thanks for your "Internet Workshop from the Inbound Marketing Professor" series. I always came home with a full load, and I'm not talking about sushi, mousepads and chocolate. 

"Michael eats, sleeps, and breathes marketing. He's a distinctive character, but that what branding is all about."

- Jim Dickeson

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"Understands SEO and Inbound Marketing Thoroughly"

pete-disantis.jpgMichael Hartzell is the real deal. As an Inbound Marketing professional he has more tips, tricks and tools up his sleeve than you can imagine. He understands SEO and Inbound Marketing thoroughly. He is a great resource for all things SEO. His workshops have been jam packed with helpful and useful information. He does not hold back. He is extremely generous and he works quickly. Fasten your seatbelt and be prepared to be blown away if you work with Mike.

Pete DiSantis

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"He is the "go to" guy for all things Internet"

deborah-bishop.jpg“Michael is an amazing human being. Not only is he the "go to" guy for all things Internet, but he has a heart the size of this planet. He always makes time for his friends, for struggling newbies, and for anyone else in distress. He has a vast amount of resources at his fingertips (and on his websites), and will show you how to accomplish your goal quickly and efficiently. Professor Mike is a true professional, in every sense of the word.”  

Deborah Bishop, Founder, Time-Out For Moms (business partner)

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"Believes in getting things done now"

"Michael believes in getting things done now, not later. You'll want to have Michael on your side, to help you build your customer service team and get more sales for your restaurant, guerrilla marketing style. Thanks Michael for your help.” 

- Mari-Lyn Harris, Social Media Evangelist & Trainer, Heart@Work

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"Uniquely suited to coaching you to increased revenue"

Stan Aaronson “Michael is uniquely suited to coaching you to increased revenue and greater profitability because his passion and attitude make you have fun while getting work done. Michael is proficient in aiding you to see the whole picture as more than the sum of its parts. He illustrates his advice with stories that convey both meaning and achievability. Adding Michael to your team will not only make you look good, it will put money in your pocket!”

Stan Aaronson - Founder & Owner at S M Aaronson Marketing Strategies

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"Passionate Desire to Help Others Create Success"

http://ezinearticles.com/members/mem_pics/Jeffrey-Summers_26925.jpg“Michaels year's of successful experience and insight combined with his deep and passionate desire to help others create success is a rare and true gift that should be utilized as often as possible.”

Jeffrey Summers, President, Summer's Hospitality Group

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"Powerful motivator that has a keen sense for knowing what direction a person needs"

"Michael is a powerful motivator that has a keen sense for knowing what direction a person needs to be pointed towards. He has a vast knowledge of the industry and has creative and unique ideas to grow a business.”

- Jordan Armistead

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"Very energetic with a positive outlook on improving business"

rick-stevens.jpg“Michael is very energetic with a positive outlook on improving business. Great researcher and information provider. Unique as well as progressive ideas that improve the productivity of my business.” 

- Rick Stevens, President, GGG Lakewood, INC

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"Positive attitude and systematic approach to problem solving are truly rare"

“Michael has helped me both in my business and on a personal level. He has helped me to increase the sales in my store by 17% over the last quarter. His support of me and my staff has had an incredible impact on our team. His positive attitude and systematic approach to problem solving are truly rare. I would recommend him implicitly!” 

- Joe Fischer

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