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Michael Hartzell Quotes

"Be like water, water always finds a way." - Michael Hartzell CLM 

"Treat them as they are your friend, family, royalty or Favorite Rock Star." - Michael Hartzell CLM 

“it matters more than you know, others are watching and emulating your style and words, Make it matter.” - Michael Hartzell CLM 

"Everyone starts out doing something they aren’t good at, until they are." - Michael Hartzell CLM 

"Inspire people to imagine the possibilities and give them the knowledge to pursue them."  - Michael Hartzell CLM 

"What is the real value of your business?  Things or People? (Hopefully its people.)"  -  Michael Hartzell CLM 

"Software, Knowledge and Enthusiasm are NOT a Substitute for Good Judgment." - Michael Hartzell CLM 

"Empower your team to do more and be more.  Celebrate daily those who take risks and show courage."  - Michael Hartzell CLM

"Know more, do more.  Not to say that not learning more will make you a failure but there is a belief among many that every human has a goal, hope or wish.  Chances are slim anyone can get closer to the goal without:  knowing more and doing more."  -  Michael Hartzell  CLM 

"Success comes from inspiring 10,000 simultaneous cheers." - Michael Hartzell CLM 

"The longer you want the sled ride to be, the higher you have to climb."  -  Michael Hartzell CLM

"Marketing with charismatic, clever and quick ideas will not sustain success for long.  Commit to being consistent, persistent and brave."  -  Michael Hartzell CLM

"The reason you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel is because it's night time.  Keep going, just a matter of time before the sun comes up." -  Michael Hartzell CLM

“Be like lightning, not like thunder.  Thunder is always last.”  - Michael Hartzell CLM

Those who know who they are, who they serve and where they are going in the world have fewer barriers when expanding business online to the Internet.  - Michael Hartzell CLM

If I had a nickel for every marketing test I have done, I would invest in more marketing tests. -  Michael Hartzell CLM

"Principles before Rules. Progress before Perfection." - Michael Hartzell CLM

"Use the "P" Triad for each decision: People, Purpose, Profit." - Michael Hartzell CLM

"The hurdles to success: Skill, Will. Training fixes one. Clarify Consequence of Choice for the other."  - Michael Hartzell CLM

"Planning before moving Prevents Pathetic Performance." - Michael Hartzell CLM

"It is not enough to know, have the ability to communicate and teach." - Michael Hartzell CLM

"Go beyond the checklist, offer "Heart & Soul".  - Michael Hartzell CLM

"When you are in that "sweet spot" and you know there are few worries, nothing is forever,  Don't let this keep you from shooting for the stars." - Michael Hartzell CLM

"There can be confusion when prioritizing.  Giving up 'good' may be necessary to go for 'great'.  Giving up 'good' to make room for 'great' can be initially gut wrenching - even when it makes sense." - Michael Hartzell CLM

"When reaching for the stars with new ideas, think about the people who were originally laughed at and later became the respected expert."  -  Michael Hartzell CLM

"People like to do business with companies who care."  -  Michael Hartzell CLM

"Your mind, body and spirit hungers for a balance in your daily activities." -  Michael Hartzell CLM

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