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This Blog is for restaurateurs, managers and anyone about to jump into the restaurant business. I pass on to you tools and restaurant marketing ideas which have helped many in the restaurant business enjoy success.


Daily Checklist for Restaurant Management

clipboard2The restaurant business seems like a circus to an outsider.  To a rookie manager, the restaurant is an obstacle course with no easy answers.

To understand reality, here are example questions to ask:

How many times do your or your team do the following each day?

No wonder your restaurant team has a difficult time.  There is so much to do.  This is far from the complete list.

Overcoming the confusion is not so tough.

  1. A simple chart can be used to show who does what and when.
  2. A white board on the wall can show the game plan.  The larger companies set up sophisticated manuals and software.

Each team member needs a list of what to do when.  Train the restaurant team, provide the tools and remove the barriers.  Support the team leaders and lead with a couple of thoughts:

  1. Trust but verify.
  2. Inspect what you expect.

Which of the activities on the list are the first to go when the day does not go according to plan?  How soon do restaurant marketing activities get pushed off the list?

You can create an online checklist like the one above at

Prior to creating the checklist, use Free Mind Map Software to organize restaurant responsibilities.

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