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Making A Decision With Body Parts

Acronym:  M.A.D. = Making A Decision. 
Over the years a pattern developed each morning as I asked the team "Are you MAD today?"  When heard for the first time, this question was confusing.  Once understood, each person would smile and say "YES, I am MAD today".  Silly acronyms in a business might certainly gag a few of the more sophisticated people in the room but they can be so much fun and certainly make a point.

Acronym:  M.A.D. = Making A Difference

Either acronym works.  You pick.  Be MAD today.

The real question is:  "Which body part is used to make decisions?"

brain graphic

(This is for illustratative purposes only.  See an encyclopedia for the facts.)

How do you teach others to make decisions if you are not using systems, processes, data and facts?

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