Addicted to "Yes"... that moment when everyone wins.

Introductions and invitations change the world and are exceptionally valuable yes opportunities. You will find me reverse engineering yes moments, but it doesn't stop there.

Michael Hartzell, your Inbound marketing pro with guerrilla marketing savvy provides  
services, speaking, training and consulting to help you:
"Maximize impact and return on investment: Be personal, unpredictable and interesting."

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A special message to:

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, linchpins, over-achievers,
and those who feel a little weird and don't fit in.

This blog with tips, ideas and resources is for you.

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The savvy guerrilla marketer understands the value of using innovation and time vs big budgets and appreciates the opportunities free software provides.

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“Michael has a unique ability to move from strategy to execution at lightning speed--Truly a results oriented individual. Michael is a marketing expert who has found a niche in Internet Marketing and what it takes to create success for others out of a mantra of "making their day."

If I would have met Michael 10 years ago, I would have increased my ability to grow my business 10 fold; he is that good.”

Robert Nitschke, CollaborationHQ