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Outsourcing - 6 Places to Hire Someone to Write Content and Dazzle Readers

Either you have no time, low skill, or prefer to avoid writing.  You realize that without an article, blog, ebook, white paper, special report or declaration... there will be no progress.  Writing is involved in any form of marketing.  Who can you hire?  Who will help you? 

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Bad Content vs Good Content

In order to understand bad content vs good content, we need to consider the context.  An inbound marketing pro will tell you that relevance may be the most important piece but even relevance on its own is not enough.  The context of course is related to audience, education, experience, culture, difficulty to create and as Seth Godin will say "how remarkable is it?".  Thus, just as beauty, quality is based on the eyes of the beholder.

"Excellent job!" today does may not look so impressive six months down the road. 

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How Much Does SEO Cost? [infographic]

This infographic about the cost of SEO is based on a survey of 500 professional consultants and agencies in the field.  Before offering SEO cost data, the infographic immediately shares what type of service providers were involved with the survey along with other details about the types of company.  SEO services from a one person shop may not offer the best cost efficiency and may in fact prove to be much less effective and inefficient.

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