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Learn if Your Website is Mobile-Friendly with a Google Test in 30 Seconds

There is a big buzz going on related to "mobile-friendly". Since Google announced "mobile friendly" will become one of the criteria for ranking, many website designers and software sales people are overly excited with a new reason to sell small businesses and entrepreneurs the next website.

Google have announced their campaign to get website owners and webmasters ready to update their websites for changes in mobile friendly ranking factors, with a deadline set by the firm of the 21st April 2015.

As of this date Google has advised they will be expanding their use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal, and that it will affect all mobile searches worldwide. There is expected to be a significant impact in Google’s search results so we are advising below what website owners can do to ensure they are ready in plenty of time.  

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Key Ingredients to a Winning Mobile Content-Marketing Strategy

Of the many ways customers may find themselves on your website, the likely driver of traffic is via mobile phones.  The latest statistics from Pew Research tell us that 56 percent of Americans own a Smartphone and many use these devices to browse the Internet.   Does your content-marketing strategy take these changing trends into account?  As a business owner, you may run your business from a Smartphone, so you know the importance of a website that’s tailored to your mobile phone for ease of use. As you develop a winning mobile content-marketing strategy, keep in mind these key ingredients for success.

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The 17 R's of Savvy Mobile Marketing [infographic]

Mobile marketing is a specialty in and of itself.  The complex mobile marketing checklist already made the case for needing an expert when creating a mobile marketing plan. The 50 amazing facts about mobile marketing will make you SMink but is probably not helpful enough to cause you take action.

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Mobile Marketing and Social Question: Narrowcast vs. Broadcast [infographic]

84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened. Meanwhile, 98% of text messages are opened, and therefore, companies that market through SMS/MMS have a far truer reach.

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The Mobile Marketing Checklist

Mobile marketing has become a complex plan within a plan.  It is more than sending a simple text or having a mobile website.  When you begin talking to a mobile marketing sales person, they will quickly confound you with new terminology and ask you questions you are not yet prepared for. 

Below are questions to help you organize thoughts and prioritize your mobile marketing activities.

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Mobile Marketing with Jeanne Hopkins on Hubspot TV

How to use mobile marketing is the subject of this Hubspot TV video with Jeanne Hopkins (author of Go Mobile).  It is obvious that everyone has a cell phone ... even five year olds.  Statistics shows that while mobile apps are not the preference for shopping, mobile device users are using browsers to shop, check email, connect via social media tools, play games and even watch the latest TV show. 

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What Are QR Codes and How Do You Use Them?

The little black squares on a white background, each one looks like a speckled square, are called QR codes. These QR codes is said to be one of the most exciting new marketing methods available and yet people are still do not know about them.

QR codes is an abbreviation for "Quick Response Codes". 

They are two-dimensional graphics which contain information about whatever their creator intends. These codes are read by mobile smartphones.  You don't need to pay attention to the recent studies to know that smartphones are becomming the dominate device.  QR codes have an extreme potential to reach customers and provide them with information about products, services, and everything in between.

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Marketing Basics: Creative Identity and Branding

Branding.  How many books and articles have been written about marketing and branding?  My soapbox for entrepreneurs includes "branding is a symptom" and is the result of consistently over-delivering products or services vs. what is promised.  A small business owner does not always have the resources or foresight to create a high impact image like larger companies do.  Which comes first?  Will it be what people say about your business?  Or is it the result of a marketing plan which specifically decides the brand identity? 

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