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AeroLeads - Painless Prospecting by Pulling People's Information with a Click

What does it take to investigate, search, dig and 'spy' for new information  about a prospect? AeroLeads has an answer that looks promising.

Search and Add prospects and leads at AeroLeads to get their Verified Email addresses and Business Phone Number. Find business emails of decision makers with title, location and company emails with phone numbers, address etc.

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5 Minute LinkedIn Daily Marketing Plan

What might be missing in a typical Linkedin marketing plan is a sense of direction or purpose.  You may believe Linkedin takes too much time. It has benefits vs traveling an hour to a networking meeting, standing in a room for a couple hours with hope of making a connection and driving for an hour on the return trip. 

Motion and activity when networking is not a measure of success.  The number of business cards in hand represent a big win.

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How to Clean a Contact List

It is time to clean your contact list.  You have a list but you may have no clue as to who is on it and if there is a relevant connection. 

Why this is important:  If you are sending (blasting) emails which are perceived as SPAM, anything over 0.3% will get your account red flagged.  SPAM compliant rates should be 0.1% or lower, although the actual threshold that most ISPs publish is 0.3%. Anything over 0.3% would likely result in a chat with your ESP's abuse desk. In addition to the bounce rate, HubSpot's own Email tool for example, makes the SPAM complaint rate of every email easy to access.

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Survey Report: Most Effective Methods for Building a Contact List

There are many methods to build a list. This chart from Marketing Sherpa outlines the options and trends.  

You can build a list with:

      • A website registration page. (Landing page)
      • Social media sharing buttons in email.
      • Offline events.
      • Registration during a purchase.
      • Online events.
      • Facebook registration page.
      • Email to a friend.
      • Paid search.
      • Blog registration page. 
      • Co-registration programs.
      • What is not list is Linkedin or other social media places.  Each contact made on Linkedin may not give instant permission to send automated emails but they are still new contacts which includes potential buyers.

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How to Execute a Public Recognition Program

In order to execute a public recognition program you or your organization needs to have perceived authority, a team, a flexible online platform and there needs to be a compelling reason that people will feel it valuable and want to participate.

The last on the list may be the most important and most difficult to achieve.  People must believe it is important enough to take action.  Will people take action because they like it?

When you look at the numbers of the top ten watched videos of all time on YouTube, 9 out of 10 videos are music videos.

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