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How to Develop a Blog Outreach Plan & Execute With Style

What is blogger outreach?  

It’s the process of developing a communication strategy that helps you reach out to bloggers with strong influence online for the purpose of promoting your content to their target audience.

Outreach programs can be tedious and some say "take too much time". As a result, software tools such as Ninja Outreach, BuzzStream and BuzzSummo that help to reduce the amount of time to research may help.

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The Future Of Link Building for a Lonely Website [infographic]

"Link building" as a simple task or automation risky.  Google does not want to make website more popular by ranking them.  Google wants to rank websites that are popular.  

Movies hire people to stand in crowds so that a scene looks real.  Politicians consider methods to build excitement with crowds they create.  I had employees park in front of the restaurants to make it appear as if the restaurant was popular.  I eat extra portions of food from a plate at a potluck to make the person who brought the plate believe it is popular.

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Matt Cutts on Press Releases

After reviewing a few comments from Google's infamous Matt Cutts about press releases, sharing the results with you seemed the right thing to do.

The topic is more than just about press releases however since we are really interested in getting better authority and ranking on the Internet.  We are interested in how ranking is search engines is possible via press releases.  

Why this matters to me:  Understanding the ranking factors in search engines helps to solve the of lack of awareness.  It is unacceptable that entrepreneurs and small business owners who are AWESOME offline are not getting recognized in the same way online.  There are too many special companies which impact the community and offer value which are not getting found.  Can press releases be tool to improve ranking and SEO?

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Step by Step Link Building Instructions to Remove the Mystery of Ranking in Google

Most Internet marketing experts agree that getting ranked on Google is:  Link building.  What remains a mystery and a matter of opinion is where, when, how many, what is quality and what really matters.

Since the goal (which is repeated over and over again by Google) is to give people exactly what they are looking for, we will prioritize service to people as when creating a link building campaign.

If you don’t have the budget to hire an expert SEO company or link building service company, you will find the following instructions very helpful.

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How to Ask About Writing a Guest Blog for Another Website

Here is a good example for how to ask for to be a guest author on another website:

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Link Building Anatomy to Attract More [infographic]

Effective link building is no longer based on technical tasks which can be easily assigned.  In fact, to refer to it as "link building" is not the best way to express marketing plan activities. The infographic below has rephrased it to be "link baiting".

Link building has a history of physically adding links to external websites such as article sites, blogs, forums, etc.  The options to "drop a link" are going away as software evolves and webmasters limit the options for commenting.  Many times 3rd party tools such as Facebook or Disqus have become a method to limit web spam which comes by way fo automated link tools.

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How to Execute a Public Recognition Program

In order to execute a public recognition program you or your organization needs to have perceived authority, a team, a flexible online platform and there needs to be a compelling reason that people will feel it valuable and want to participate.

The last on the list may be the most important and most difficult to achieve.  People must believe it is important enough to take action.  Will people take action because they like it?

When you look at the numbers of the top ten watched videos of all time on YouTube, 9 out of 10 videos are music videos.

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