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Step by Step YouTube Video Marketing by the Numbers to get 1.2 Million Views

If you believe in the hyped up Internet marketers, you will buy off on the idea that YouTube video marketing is the magic marketing formula for everyone to use.  As you look at the absolutely terrible videos on Youtube and the minuscule number of viewers, "why bother" may be your response.

1 million views on youtube

Let's take a look at a random example of someone relatively new to Youtube and social media to understand how a million plus views translates into website visits, likes and follows.

October 30, 2013

Posted first video on YouTube.  About student/youth protests in the 60's. To date it has 1,195 vews.  Jason says "Great video dad!" (Excellent Jason)

November 12, 2013

A Diamond Films registered their domain name with and set up a free blog on Blogger.  Videos found on Youtube are also posted in the blogs.

December 5, 2013

Made first post on Google+

February 18, 2014 

Posted their third video: "Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place" - Currently with 1.19+ million views.

lost in the fifties

April 9, 2014

Joined Facebook

May 6, 2014

Joined Twitter

June 16, 2014

Posted fourth video about the pop icons, celebrities and social culture of the 60's.

June 21, 2014 

YouTube Views - 1.19 million  (woo-hoo!)

Video Thumbs up - 4,734

Video Thumbs down - 408

Facebook Business Page Likes - 65 (including mine)

YouTube Channel Subscribers - 1270 (including me)

Twitter followers - 2

Alexa Rank for Website - no rank (relates to traffic)

Google+ Page Followers - 2 

What we don't know:

We can't be sure how many phone calls, emails or contacts A. Diamond has received since posting the videos or creating the website.  

How much did it cost? (Almost FREE)

The only obvious cost was the domain name.  

(I am unsure of where the images or music were acquired. I assume the images are from public domain websites.)  

Royalty FREE music is available on


Creating a video slideshow is fairly easy.  Windows MovieMaker is free and may already be on your computer.  Apple has iMovie for MAC users.  Both have a small learning curve as does all software.  Free software does mean instant skill.

The investment:

Time, trial & error and testing.  

Who is A. Diamond Films?

I do not know A. Diamond or anyone related to the company.  It came across my desk because a friend said "This moved me and I thought you would like to see it." 

My friend is 80 years old.  The topic of the million plus viewers video is about the 50's and I have to believe viewers are older.  This says "YouTube and social media is not limited to the young".  

It was important enough to my friend to share, so I watched it.  

The story behind the entrepreneurial mind of A. Diamond Films may be similar to yours... so I share it with you as well.  

I know you are itching to watch the video.  Here it is:


Everyone starts at zero.  Small business, non-profits and big businesses all have the same goose-egg at the beginning.  Whether heard from a boss or from your own critical thinking, "get more attention" is a primary step towards growing business.  "Use social media" is on the lips of every professed social media expert.  Fear of moving from zero only to plateau at ten may be real... but leave that thought in the dust.

Here is the "secret" to using social media.  Either have a story or create a story before using social media.  Using the social tools to yammer, jabber and chat without a point does not offer value.  

A. Diamond Films invested time and resources into creating a story and then used social media (YouTube) to share the story.  Seven months later, 1.19 million views (and growing).  If you had over a million views on YouTube, how would that change your conversations?

Why it matters:

There are times you only have to do something once.  Those who landed and walked on the moon carry that story for the rest of their lives.  "My name is Jack Schmitt and I have walked on the moon."  

There are not as many videos with over one million views as you may believe. 

Overcoming the odds even once will go a long ways. 

It becomes important to have offers and calls-to-action for people to get more value by making more commitment.

Next step:

1)  Understand that a million views on your YouTube channel does not necessarily carry over to other social media or a website.  

2)  Start a YouTube account.  Add information in the "About" section that offers methods to make direct contact and a reason to do so.

3)  Start three social media accounts to share the story.  Which you choose depends on your audience. 

4)  Identify your story (Or stories).  Document the stories with photos and/or video.

3)  Use presentation software to make a video. (With passion, purpose and a point.) 

5)  Upload the video to YouTube. (Hopefully it tough both heart and mind)

6)  Add a CTA link over top the video on YouTube.

7)  Using email, social media tools and telephone; invite your family, friends and inner circle to view, comment and share the video.

8)  Cross your fingers and hope that the video resonates with viewers who are inspired and compelled to share.

9)  Make introductions and invitation each and every day to make an impact.

10)  Follow A Diamond Films.  The links are above in the article.  Give them a thumbs up as they "dance with fear", blaze new trails to make an impact on the community.

So many amazing people invest their time and effort above and beyond expectations and remain humble along the way.  Many hope for more help or cooperation but are not quite sure of how to inspire people to say "yes, I will be involved".  

The camera in a smart phone may provide an opportunity if someone would be willing to snap photos or record videos along the way.  

Where to go for more serious videos?  

I have two choices for you:

Dani at Pixel Dust Productions will rock your world. 

Terry at has services that will change your website from a vending machine look to be engaging and personal.

You could make your own video I suppose... but if you are serious, you will at the very least call either Dani or Terry to start a conversation about the possibilities.  Let them know I sent you.

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