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9 Reasons Why All Startups Need Video Marketing in 2019

Video is not a new concept. It has been one of the key startup marketing ideas for years. However, while in the past, video was simply an afterthought in a brand's marketing campaign; today, it is an essential element of all successful growth hacking - especially for startups.

But what is so important about startup video marketing? Here are the top nine reasons why all startups need video marketing in 2019:

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Step by Step YouTube Video Marketing by the Numbers to get 1.2 Million Views

If you believe in the hyped up Internet marketers, you will buy off on the idea that YouTube video marketing is the magic marketing formula for everyone to use.  As you look at the absolutely terrible videos on Youtube and the minuscule number of viewers, "why bother" may be your response.

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How To Create A Successful Business Marketing Video [Infographic]

Video must be a part of any marketing plan in the day where mini-TV's known as smartphones are carried in everyone's pocket.  Unfortunately, just because you have a video is not enough.  Video is no longer unique and special.  In fact, viewer expectations increase every month.  The business success essential "What's good enough today is not good enough tomorrow" is especially applicable to video.  What used to be 30 seconds before someone says "boring" may now be 10 seconds.

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How to Rank Better on Youtube - 12 Ranking Factors

Here is a video about how to rank better on YouTube. Each month YouTube receives over 800 million unique visitors who watch more than 3 billion hours of video, traffic we can't afford to ignore. So how do you get videos to rank for competitive terms on YouTube? By paying close attention to these 12 important ranking factors.

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How to Maximize with Visual Content Marketing

It's obvious that visuals are a necessary part of a success formula for marketing online.  With so many options to "add an image" or "post a video", images stand out dramatically vs. bad graphics (or no graphics).  

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YouTube Marketing Data shows - 56 Million Views - 3700 Followers - 46837 Likes

Youtube marketing by the numbers.  As you can see, the video has been seen almost 57 million times and was uploaded on May 1, 2011.  This video on Youtube offers links in the video description area to the website, Twitter and Facebook fan page.

The video is not "professional" in that it does not has perfect lighting, perfect sound nor a studio setting.  I am sure those who are professionals who will critique the video marketing project as a marginal production. 

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