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Guerrilla Marketing Checklist & PR to Start the Adventure of "Famous"

Here is a potential guerrilla marketing checklist to get you started in the adventure of becoming "famous".  Guerrilla marketing works 100% of the time if executed well.

To that end, if you are starting from scratch and are hoping to become "famous" but low on funds (and in a hurry), this outline might prove helpful.  It is based heavily on guerrilla marketing tactics with an inbound marketing mindset.

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The Best Free Press Release Sites to Spread Your Message

In a previous article, I have shared over 50 different free press release sites.  Instead of a large list, you need a more specific solution.  While it is difficult to point to any one free press release site as a clear winner, websites such as has been raved about even though it only has a PageRank of 3., is another free press release site that stands out.  You can find it on the list below which shows the best opportunities.

Included on the "best list" is  You appreciate this resource because it allows links, tagging and branding for free.  

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Matt Cutts on Press Releases

After reviewing a few comments from Google's infamous Matt Cutts about press releases, sharing the results with you seemed the right thing to do.

The topic is more than just about press releases however since we are really interested in getting better authority and ranking on the Internet.  We are interested in how ranking is search engines is possible via press releases.  

Why this matters to me:  Understanding the ranking factors in search engines helps to solve the of lack of awareness.  It is unacceptable that entrepreneurs and small business owners who are AWESOME offline are not getting recognized in the same way online.  There are too many special companies which impact the community and offer value which are not getting found.  Can press releases be tool to improve ranking and SEO?

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List of 64 Press Release Topic Ideas to Overcome Brain Fog

Press releases should be a part of any marketing plan.  Press release services come in many shapes and sizes from free to big money for distribution.  Before considering distributing a press release, it has to be written.  Stay aware of daily activities, plans and accomplishments... what are likely to be newsworthy.

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