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Online Business Model Checklists for Your Success

What is your business model online?  How successful will you be if each of the tasks you see on the business models below were on your personal to-do list?  Can you be an expert in each of them?  How long will it take to become proficient? The Internet is not simply a phone book and is much more complex than you may realize.

Below you will see a variety of business models which you may be using.  As you look at each type of business models, understand how these might match your needs. 

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What's Most Important on a Website for B2B Buyers

Recent research shows that B2B (Business to Business) buyers are looking for ten things when visiting a website.  

This survey can become your checklist for serving those who visit you online.

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Link Building Anatomy to Attract More [infographic]

Effective link building is no longer based on technical tasks which can be easily assigned.  In fact, to refer to it as "link building" is not the best way to express marketing plan activities. The infographic below has rephrased it to be "link baiting".

Link building has a history of physically adding links to external websites such as article sites, blogs, forums, etc.  The options to "drop a link" are going away as software evolves and webmasters limit the options for commenting.  Many times 3rd party tools such as Facebook or Disqus have become a method to limit web spam which comes by way fo automated link tools.

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How to Maximize with Visual Content Marketing

It's obvious that visuals are a necessary part of a success formula for marketing online.  With so many options to "add an image" or "post a video", images stand out dramatically vs. bad graphics (or no graphics).  

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What is Retargeting and How Does it Work?

Retargeting is a form of marketing online in which you target users who have previously visited your website with banner ads on display networks across the web. 

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Live TV on Top - Search Beats Email

A quick glance at the latest data from may help you think more quickly your marketing budget.  Live TV viewing remains the first choice vs. DVD, Internet, smartphone or streaming via TV.  Along side this data you will note how search remains the method for traffic on top of email and social trails behind.

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Online Advertising Statistics Shows Where Your Competition is Spending [infographic]

This infographic shows the billions spent for online advertising in both the past and future.  Over the next few years, online advertising will double.  This is especially true for companies which rely heavily on the online transaction such as Amazon which has no brick & mortar store (yet).

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What is an Infographic? [infographic]

For the perfect explanation of what an infographic is, let's use an infographic.  Sure it seems like an overuse of the same word which endangers the article to be left out of search engines.  Regardless of the consequences, you can't always live life based on what a search engine might think.  Here is a visual overview (Which is an infographic) about the structure, character and statistics of an infographic.  (Which you will then be able to create.)

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Fundamentals of Banner Ads

Banner ads are so attractive and appear to sizzle on the website screen. When viewing e-magazines or websites monetized from ad clicks,  the banner ads may be more appealing than the content.

You think to yourself:  "Those banner ads sure look juicy.  They look so good that I want one." You search through the Internet looking for ways to get paid with banner ad placement on your website.  How about a few tips?

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What Types of Advertising Can be Purchased Online?

Online marketing ad spend exceeds print advertising.  Are you aware or ready for online to dominate?  Online advertising appears to be much easier since it only takes a few clicks to create an advertisement and another click shows the results in a matter of hours.  With simple processes in place to "order advertising", the Internet has too many curtains, yellow brick roads and, of course, wizards.  The Land of Oz has nothing on the Internet in regards to the imaginary which can be made to appear real.  It is much too easy to turn a great marketing plan into an empty checkbook by clicking on another online marketing campaign.

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