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B2B Websites Holiday Traffic Comparison

The slideshow below reviews the last 36 months from random websites to consider B2B website traffic trends.  Consider these as you answer "Does it matter?" or "Let's take it easy, no one cares".


The charts show 36 months of history. Some websites will only show what is available.

These charts are from B2B websites, and each company have a different level of engagement along with a unique marketing strategy.

All of the websites from this random selection use HubSpot. The reports are from the “Sources” tool inside the all-in-one marketing system.

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What (or who) Influences Research for New Marketing Technology Solutions

This particular marketing chart shows how social media accounts does little to influence decisions while peer recommendations is an important influence. 

What it does not tell you is whether the vendors use social media tools to connect and add value or instead used in traditional methods similar to broadcasting.  However, the study also demonstrates that buyers feel that vendors’ social activity can help establish a company’s credibility. article refers to the survey:

There appears to be demand for more marketing technology, according to the report, as more than 4 in 10 feel that their existing stack is out-of-date and insufficient."

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Survey Report: Most Effective Methods for Building a Contact List

There are many methods to build a list. This chart from Marketing Sherpa outlines the options and trends.  

You can build a list with:

      • A website registration page. (Landing page)
      • Social media sharing buttons in email.
      • Offline events.
      • Registration during a purchase.
      • Online events.
      • Facebook registration page.
      • Email to a friend.
      • Paid search.
      • Blog registration page. 
      • Co-registration programs.
      • What is not list is Linkedin or other social media places.  Each contact made on Linkedin may not give instant permission to send automated emails but they are still new contacts which includes potential buyers.

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