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Linkedin Pulse & Why it Matters

LinkedIn turned into a content site with anyone having the option to write an article on Pulse. When they added Pulse, only influencers were invited. Now anyone can post an article. You can access LinkedIn Pulse here:

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5 Minute LinkedIn Daily Marketing Plan

What might be missing in a typical Linkedin marketing plan is a sense of direction or purpose.  You may believe Linkedin takes too much time. It has benefits vs traveling an hour to a networking meeting, standing in a room for a couple hours with hope of making a connection and driving for an hour on the return trip. 

Motion and activity when networking is not a measure of success.  The number of business cards in hand represent a big win.

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"Making LinkedIn Your Lead Generation Machine" - Webinar with Viveka von Rosen and Nimble CMO, Eric Quanstrom

You are going to enjoy this brand new webinar recording about Linkedin.  Whether you are brand new as a rookie or a pro, you will find value.  Listen to the experts as they share the "Making LinkedIn Your Lead Generation Machine" webinar.  LinkedIn expert, Viveka von Rosen and Nimble CMO, Eric Quanstrom are the presenters and you will find them both to be a wealth of information.  I am not a big fan of watching a webinar with two people presenting as a team.  The conversation between presenters might become a distraction.

This video offers a special bonus with information about Nimble.  Nimble is a social CRM and offers you the opportunity to manage contacts based on specific criteria.

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Linkedin Infographic Reveals the Truth of Who Uses it and How

As of today, two people are joining Linkedin in every second.  Who are they?   Are you one?  Is it something to set up and forget about or a dynamic marketing tool?  Can a relationship really be supported on Linkedin? 

The infographic shows how most people on Linkedin have between 500 to 999 connections in their "network", use only the free account option and let their 1st level connection see their entire 1st level network. The most helpful feature is "who viewed my profile" followed by the automated suggestion tool: "people you may know".

Take notes from this infographic to better understand who you are connecting with and what they find most valuable:

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