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Guerrilla Marketing Checklist & PR to Start the Adventure of "Famous"

Here is a potential guerrilla marketing checklist to get you started in the adventure of becoming "famous".  Guerrilla marketing works 100% of the time if executed well.

To that end, if you are starting from scratch and are hoping to become "famous" but low on funds (and in a hurry), this outline might prove helpful.  It is based heavily on guerrilla marketing tactics with an inbound marketing mindset.

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Marketing and Selling to Doctors

You will refer your own doctor but as a general rule won't walk into just any doctor's office to get treatment.  

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How to Have the Next Money Making Guerrilla Marketing Idea

To have a guerrilla marketing idea isn't so tough but it can't be done in a dark room sitting by yourself.  If you have ever been stumped, you will know my secret for a never ending flow of  great money making guerrilla marketing ideas. 

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List of Infographic Software for Awesome Content and Link Building

Your inbound marketing plan includes creating infographics which will be helpful, relevant, cool and hopefully will change paradigms to the extent that many will share.  With over 2 million blogs are posted on the Internet each day, creating an awesome infographic can be a very effecitve guerrilla marketing tactic to stand out from the crowd. 

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Four Warm Weather Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Summer is fast approaching, and small business owners may be trying to come up with creative guerrilla marketing to promote their business. wants to share some relatively inexpensive ideas that you can use to promote your business and attract customer loyalty.

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70% of Business Professionals Still Use Business Cards

According to an online poll, over 70% of business professionals still use printed business cards while an amazing 13% never use them at all, and 14% under-utilize their printed card. 

The poll numbers contradict recent trends where everyone has a smart phone, an iPod; iPad, or other portable device. Recently there has been much discussion in the business world about whether there continues to be a need for printed business cards.  Trends are shifting towards bumping devices and sharing information electronically through sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook; and some people are beginning to use digital business cards exclusively. 

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10 Ways to Increase Sales with Guerrilla Marketing [infographic]

Increase sales with guerrilla marketing ideas shown in this infographic.  You will not limit your marketing plan to just ten but after reviewing this infographic, I think there are at least a couple you missed:

  • Use analytics  - measure results
  • Retargeted advertising  (guerrilla marketing)
  • Improve the loyalty program  (guerrilla marketing)
  • Know your customers better  (the persona per inbound marketing)
  • Invest in mobile marketing  (guerrilla marketing)
  • Build relationships  (a foundation of guerrilla marketing)
  • Focus on localization  (think local)
  • Socialize your site  (inbound marketing)
  • Manage your reputation online (beyond a website)
  • Gamify your website with apps (be interesting)
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How to Make the Perfect Banner Ad [infographic]

While the click through rate of banner ads can be in the range of .004%, given enough traffic and the right type of product, a banner ad might be marketing tool for you.

Just what might be that "perfect banner ad"?  How do you make a banner ad that sells? What does it look like?  How can you break it down? 

Lucky for you, created an excllent infographic to show the anatomy of a banner ad.

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