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Connecting to Audiences Via Customer Segmentation

One of the most crucial skills a marketing professional can master is segmentation — dividing a potential audience into groups and pinpointing with whom the marketing message is most likely to resonate. In fact, in today's fast-paced world, segmentation proves to be more vital than ever.

Buyers make split-second purchasing decisions, especially when they're shopping online. Segmentation helps the right message reach the right person with plenty of time to spare.

As you continue to hone your marketing skills, make sure segmentation is at the top of the to-do pile.

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AeroLeads - Painless Prospecting by Pulling People's Information with a Click

What does it take to investigate, search, dig and 'spy' for new information  about a prospect? AeroLeads has an answer that looks promising.

Search and Add prospects and leads at AeroLeads to get their Verified Email addresses and Business Phone Number. Find business emails of decision makers with title, location and company emails with phone numbers, address etc.

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Which gets more conversions? Black background vs white background

"Looks good" & "Feels good" typically wins over facts & figures.

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How to Clean a Contact List

It is time to clean your contact list.  You have a list but you may have no clue as to who is on it and if there is a relevant connection. 

Why this is important:  If you are sending (blasting) emails which are perceived as SPAM, anything over 0.3% will get your account red flagged.  SPAM compliant rates should be 0.1% or lower, although the actual threshold that most ISPs publish is 0.3%. Anything over 0.3% would likely result in a chat with your ESP's abuse desk. In addition to the bounce rate, HubSpot's own Email tool for example, makes the SPAM complaint rate of every email easy to access.

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Email Marketing: Ways to Make Your Business Buzzworthy

Some people say email marketing is dead – yet in reality this communication channel is alive and quite well.  There are 3.3 billion email accounts and the Direct Marketing Association tells us companies make an average of $40 for every dollar spent on email marketing

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Live TV on Top - Search Beats Email

A quick glance at the latest data from may help you think more quickly your marketing budget.  Live TV viewing remains the first choice vs. DVD, Internet, smartphone or streaming via TV.  Along side this data you will note how search remains the method for traffic on top of email and social trails behind.

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