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What is Your Churn Rate?

Do you have a churn policy? Is it "Good riddance"? Or as Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank would say "You are dead to me"?  

It's easy to give up on people who have given up on you. Without an understanding of why they rejected you, it is difficult to improve. "Complaints" are the most valuable type of feedback but when they "walk away" or "unsubscribe", guessing is all you have.

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What is the Most Important Page on a Website?

Is the most important page on this website the blog article you just wrote?  What is the most important page on a website?  What type of pages are we comparing when analyzing which is most important? 

If this seems basic and self evident, please move on. Your advanced knowledge may be wasted here. There are plenty other pages to wet your appetite about inbound marketing and free software tools. 

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