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How Much Time Does it Take an "Experienced" Blogger to Write a Blog?

It makes sense to create content to help those you serve understand more, to make better decisions. How long should it take to write a blog? (by an someone experienced?)  Is it true that it should take 3.21 hours average to write a blog post?

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How to Develop a Blog Outreach Plan & Execute With Style

What is blogger outreach?  

It’s the process of developing a communication strategy that helps you reach out to bloggers with strong influence online for the purpose of promoting your content to their target audience.

Outreach programs can be tedious and some say "take too much time". As a result, software tools such as Ninja Outreach, BuzzStream and BuzzSummo that help to reduce the amount of time to research may help.

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How to Blog: The Relevance of Parables, Metaphors and Acronyms

Learning how to blog and get found in search engines is not too difficult.  If there is not a limitation of creativity, titles can be confusing or misleading. (Apple might, in reality, be an apple.)

Titles for blog articles, newspaper headlines and magazines are created to capture attention and entice someone to read more. 

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Bad Content vs Good Content

In order to understand bad content vs good content, we need to consider the context.  An inbound marketing pro will tell you that relevance may be the most important piece but even relevance on its own is not enough.  The context of course is related to audience, education, experience, culture, difficulty to create and as Seth Godin will say "how remarkable is it?".  Thus, just as beauty, quality is based on the eyes of the beholder.

"Excellent job!" today does may not look so impressive six months down the road. 

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How to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue [infographic]

A creative mind has no problem with dreaming up content.  Whether it is compelling, interesting or relevant becomes an entirely different matter.  Some people rely on inhaling or ingesting foreign substances into their body.  Sleep deprivation can certainly cause the imagination to go wild.  

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Best Tools on the Web to Find Plagiarism


A scraper site is a website that copies content from other websites using web scraping. The content is then mirrored with the goal of creating revenue, usually through advertising and sometimes by selling user data.

You may be a plagiarist and not know it. What appears to be a 'trick' or work-around is in fact still a form of plagiarism. Check out the different types of plagiarism here.

Unless you have the time and money to search continuously for similar post titles in Google, it is not easy to find sites that are "stealing" content. To give you more the ability to know what websites are scraping your content, here are resources to get it done.

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The Easier Way to Build an Engaged Audience with a Blog

One goal of writing a blog is to engage the audience and many think for hours wondering what to write about.  It goes without saying that to gain subscribers and engage the audience, 'Value' must be provided. 

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How to Find and Work with Awesome Guest Bloggers

If you have a business blog, then you are probably aware of the challenges of coming up with topic ideas, finding time to write, and – let’s face it – keeping that blog alive. This explains why blogs on the subject of blogging are so popular. Here are just a few titles about blogging you will see online:

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How Long Should a Blog Article Be?

How long should a conversation be?
How long should a joke be?
What length of time does it take to tell a story?
Are you making a case, instructing or sharing a list that is the best on the planet?

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Organic Search Results Graph - Hubspot Success Story

Inbound marketing training teaches you to blog, create helpful content, pay attention to keywords and get found.  The graph below shows 10 months of consecutive growth in organic search results when I first implemented inbound marketing as a core strategy in 2009.  (The graph only shows organic traffic results.)

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