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Chance Marketing

Successful entrepreneurs are risk takers who are willing to consider "Chance Marketing" knowing there is a possibility of failure.  As a result, entrepreneurs are the ultimate target for salespeople selling advertising. Their pitch is: "Anything that improves the chance of improving sales is worth looking at."

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Online Advertising Statistics Shows Where Your Competition is Spending [infographic]

This infographic shows the billions spent for online advertising in both the past and future.  Over the next few years, online advertising will double.  This is especially true for companies which rely heavily on the online transaction such as Amazon which has no brick & mortar store (yet).

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What Types of Advertising Can be Purchased Online?

Online marketing ad spend exceeds print advertising.  Are you aware or ready for online to dominate?  Online advertising appears to be much easier since it only takes a few clicks to create an advertisement and another click shows the results in a matter of hours.  With simple processes in place to "order advertising", the Internet has too many curtains, yellow brick roads and, of course, wizards.  The Land of Oz has nothing on the Internet in regards to the imaginary which can be made to appear real.  It is much too easy to turn a great marketing plan into an empty checkbook by clicking on another online marketing campaign.

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Evolution of Marketing - From Antique to Tech Tools to Social

Pause and review the evolution of marketing in the table below.  Antique marketing tactics can still work but the once powerful tools of the past seem slow and clumsy.  Slow and clumsy can be effective but ten times the work and more expensive.  Just as the old hand saw can get the job done, the new chain saw soon puts the old woodsman out of business. 

Is the true barrier of the old woodsman who sticks with the old hand saw the tool?  Or is the real barrier to success related to an open mind and applying the five essentials to business success?

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How to Make the Perfect Banner Ad [infographic]

While the click through rate of banner ads can be in the range of .004%, given enough traffic and the right type of product, a banner ad might be marketing tool for you.

Just what might be that "perfect banner ad"?  How do you make a banner ad that sells? What does it look like?  How can you break it down? 

Lucky for you, created an excllent infographic to show the anatomy of a banner ad.

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