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The Mobile Marketing Checklist

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Mobile marketing has become a complex plan within a plan.  It is more than sending a simple text or having a mobile website.  When you begin talking to a mobile marketing sales person, they will quickly confound you with new terminology and ask you questions you are not yet prepared for. 

Below are questions to help you organize thoughts and prioritize your mobile marketing activities.

What are the best areas to focus on to create
successful mobile marketing campaigns?

What are the best mobile marketing tactics to include
in your marketing campaign?

Which mobile tactics are best to consider when
starting out with mobile marketing?

Which mobile marketing processes will be accomplished
in the next 12 months?

Looking ahead, what are already evaluating? How much do you EXPECT the company's mobile marketing budget to change from this year to next?

Why do you want to include mobile marketing in your plan?

There are new technology developments.  Do you know which will affect your mobile marketing program in the next 12 months?  

There are tools for monitoring and tracking mobile marketing initiatives,
which will you be using?

Where will you send customers who scan a QR code or 2D mobile barcode?

When working on a mobile marketing program, will you consider ad department inside your own company or outsource it?  If inside your own company, which department will handle your mobile marketing?

To execute a mobile marketing plan which skills are important to be the most effective mobile marketer?

  • A belief in ideological system and/ or corporate culture
  • Subjective desires to ensure people's needs are a priority
  • Objectively ensure time/energy to effectively bring an ROI
  • Capacity for communicating and persuading others
  • Actively use mobile device(s)
  • Objective desire identify precise and accurate results
  • Adversity to change of routine or responsibility
  • Ability to be decisive and control circumstances
  • Analytical focus on facts and details
  • A belief in self and strategic abilities

To keep moving forward, you can think in simpler terms with a guerrilla marketing plan or you can do more research and follow Marketing Experiments to gain more insight on mobile marketing.

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