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Noob Guide to Online Marketing for Business Success (Infographic)

Business success for the online marketing entrepreneur is a bit more complicated than what the hyped-up marketers advertise.

“Get me to page 1 of Google, while emailing our customers a bi-weekly newsletter, engaging influencers on Twitter, maintaining a captive Facebook audience, capturing new leads, and putting out 3 blog posts a week.” Harsh? Yes. Familiar? Definitely.

Search no farther for an online marketing success map.  Below you is your full 6-month marketing guide.  There is a rumor that this may be the largest infographic EVER created.

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing (With Giant INFOGRAPHIC)

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing - Infographic

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Marketing takes commitment to planning and real work.   "No experience necessary" heard in the halls of the Internet is translated into:  "If you work very hard and commit yourself, you can learn how to get it done.  How much time and work it takes will depend on you."

If your are thinking about creating a success in a matter of weeks, it is time to drill down to the many steps in the infographic.  Learn it, practice and be persistant.  If you share on Twitter, there is a noob discussion on Twitter (using the hashtag #noobmarketing) where you can participate. 

If the Noob Guide to Online Marketing is too overwhelming, there is a step by step breakdown on SEOMoz.  SEOMoz is an authority and a key resource in your online marketing toolbox. 

Turn your printer on, grab your calendar and think about the who what and where. 

Tailoring the plan to your own skill and will might have you stumped.  If so, Inbound marketing training may be your next best step.

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