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"Making LinkedIn Your Lead Generation Machine" - Webinar with Viveka von Rosen and Nimble CMO, Eric Quanstrom

You are going to enjoy this brand new webinar recording about Linkedin.  Whether you are brand new as a rookie or a pro, you will find value.  Listen to the experts as they share the "Making LinkedIn Your Lead Generation Machine" webinar.  LinkedIn expert, Viveka von Rosen and Nimble CMO, Eric Quanstrom are the presenters and you will find them both to be a wealth of information.  I am not a big fan of watching a webinar with two people presenting as a team.  The conversation between presenters might become a distraction.

This video offers a special bonus with information about Nimble.  Nimble is a social CRM and offers you the opportunity to manage contacts based on specific criteria.

Note:  The video shows examples, ideas and overview. It is NOT an in-depth training workshop.

Why this matters:

  • People now "trust but verify" by searching via Google.  If they are Googling your name, Linkedin has strong ranking mojo and is a trusted source.
  • When people look for "experts", many will go first to Linkedin vs. Google and search.
  • Linkedin gives a potential buyer social proof about you character and expertise.  What do others say?  Do others give recommendations?  How do you interact?  What are you sharing with the world?  Who are you connected with?
  • Prior to the Internet it took many months to learn about connections.  Linkedin increases the speed of trust from months to minutes.

As you watch the video, note that not every tip applies to you.  You may not be as concerned with search but very interested in testimonials.  The tips Viveka offer are IDEAS.  Massage and tweak them to fit your specific skills and talents.  

Most important in the social media or when you are face to face... LISTEN first. Listen.  No one should ever make a phone call without first going to Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Introductions and invitations change the world and Linkedin provides an simple way to make more.  

Combine the telephone with Linkedin to increase your power of connection.

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