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How To Create A Successful Business Marketing Video [Infographic]

Video must be a part of any marketing plan in the day where mini-TV's known as smartphones are carried in everyone's pocket.  Unfortunately, just because you have a video is not enough.  Video is no longer unique and special.  In fact, viewer expectations increase every month.  The business success essential "What's good enough today is not good enough tomorrow" is especially applicable to video.  What used to be 30 seconds before someone says "boring" may now be 10 seconds.

This infographic called Quality Above All: Assuring Your Business Video Leaves The Rest In The Dust by KZO Innovations offers some great things to consider when you’re putting together your own video.

How To Make A Quality Business Video (Infographic)  from KZO InnovationsPresented By KZO Innovations, online video platform

You don't need to sweat over this too much.  There are amazing experts who can help you produce videos which have impact.  

Two of such experts are:

Terry Simpson from  Terry has years of experience with video production and  now specializes in walk on videos.  Want to see one in action?  Check it out:  Yes, you see an award winning speaker but that is how good you can look and sound in the hands of a pro like Terry Simpson.  

Dani Smith from With almost 10 years expe­ri­ence in the film and tele­vi­sion indus­try work­ing on and off the set, above and below the line as an Edi­tor, SAG Actress and more, Dani Smith's expe­ri­ence has led to a well-rounded under­stand­ing of what it takes to make a suc­cess­ful production. She has already made an impact locally by working with special events and local celebrities.

Dani's work speaks for her.  Watch the video:

Both Terry or Dani have amazing talents.  They are excellent to work with because they do not hype or pitch.  Both are highly recommended.

Which is your preference?  To dig in, learn what it takes and make a video?  Or skip to the part where a pro can get it done?

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